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Raja Ampat a Paradise at East Indonesia

Beauty Place Raja Ampat, Paradise Islands

Raja Ampat a Paradise at East Indonesia

Raja Ampat (Four Kings) archipelago is a beautiful place for you who love diving at sea. Raja Ampat located at far east indonesia archipelago among the world’s coral triangle in west Papua island Indonesia. This Place offer us charming and lovely unforgettable underwater tours. Diving with a lot kind of fish and enjoying a colorful coral, would be the most exiting activity for excursionist who visit Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat come into existence of the most effective excursionist destination in the world.

if you have a plan to take a vacation in this summer, we recommended you to visit Raja Ampat. 

How to get to Raja Ampat you can read here

Several Cozy Resort that You can Find at Raja Ampat

According to Tripadvisor.com, there's several recommended Cozy Resort at Raja Ampat. Most of them offer you diving tours and diving course program so you can diving there with or without tour guide. here it is the cozy resort list :

1. Papua Paradise Eco Resort


Papua Paradise Eco Resort is the most recommended Resort in Raja Ampat. According to Tripadvisor.com, this resort place in rank 1 of 5 Resort in Raja Ampat. Papua Paradise Eco Resort located at Birie Island in the Raja Ampat area of Papua. This Cozy Resort surrounded by beauty thrilling sea and colorful reefs. You can stay in this cozy resort with the price range of $150/night - up.

2. Misool Eco Resort

Misool Eco Resort raja ampat papua

The second place you can stay in Raja Ampat is Misool Eco Resort. This Cozy Resort place in rank 2 in Tripadvisor.com. Misool Eeco Resort not only offering you beauty view of Raja ampat undersea but also luxurious view from your terrace room. But you must prepare more money to spend in this cozy resort as the price range is $420 above for one stay room.

3. Kri Eco Resort

This is the third Resort that most advise from Trip advisor travelers in Raja Ampat. The Huts of kri Eco Resort are "open" and built out of bamboo and leaves. So Gekos and the occasional bird or bat may visit you. this is very natural and very cozy to you to relax in raja ampat. You can see a baby shark swimming below your huts in the morning. also you can always dive to see beauty corals and reef or just have snorkling at the sea.

so are you interested? before you decide to take a trip in this vacation, we suggest you to check your budget, destination and every information about your destination to minimize your disappointment and maximize your holiday. have fun.!!

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