Stockholm, Sweden shopping center

Sweden Shopping Center

Perhaps not many people know stockholm as a Sweden shopping center, but Stockholm is actually the perfect place for you if you want to shop  fashion items and also furniture. Many shops in the city which offers tax- refund or tax returns for non – European citizens, or foreign citizens. Any purchase above 200 Krona…

Colorful Cities that worth to visit

There’s a lot of colorful cities in the world and perhaps, Rio de Janiero is one of famous Brazil city that. But, if you looked at the hills of Santa Maria favela, you may be surprised by the “explosion of color”, the result of an art project that was recently launched Haas & Hahn. Not…

Seven Culinary world Tourism Locations

One of the fun things to do while on vacation or traveled are tasting different kinds of local culinary. Culinary fans certainly could agree to this. In fact, for those who are very fond of culinary, do a little research via the internet on the types of local dishes countries to be visited and where…

OMG !!! This is Five Spooky Ghost town in the World

Varosha, Cyprus one of the scariest Ghost Town

Hearing the word Ghost Town, the first thought is a dead town, without occupants with buildings destroyed and many ruins. Visit there will definitely chilling bristling. For society, ghost towns as it is certainly not a favorite tourist destination. But, there are also adventurers who actually curious about the horror stories surrounding the ghost town,…

Cheap Hotel Hongkong, Best Value for your Hongkong Vacation

Cheap Hotel Hongkong, choice the best rates while stay in Hongkong Hongkong is the best vacation spot in Asia especially for you who ‘shopaholic’, you can get good stuff with the best price. There are a variety of spots to shop in hongkong but not only that, you also can find some cheap hotel hongkong…

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