Holiday Vacation at Christmas Wonderland

Christmas is identic with snowy background and santa clause figure. no wonder in every shopping center or tourism place, make santa clause as their attractive figure to attract the consumer. several tourist destination make it own theme for christmas holiday such as Christmas Wonderland. Ginger bread, snowy house cake and candy decorate every corner of the room. so where is the real place that really meet the criteria as Christmas Wonderland? or maybe you would find your own Christmas Wonderland for vacation in this winter holiday?

Below is several place that meet criteria as Christmas Wonderland for your winter holiday vacation.

Disneyland as Christmas Wonderland

Christmas Holiday in Cinderella Castle
Disneyland is a dream come true land for children. every children in the world is very adorer disney character. no wonder if disneyland is could be the one of Christmas wonderland. every holiday season, disneyland became one of the main destination for vacation with the family. moreover in Christmas, disneyland ussualy make a special show such as Christmas parade Carnival. this is why we make Disneyland as one of Christmas Wonderland in this Christmas eve. you can read more at Christmas Holiday in Disneyland Resort.

Christmas Wonderland Dublin

Christmas wonderland dublin
Dublin is one of Favourite travel destination in europe. you can visit Christmas Wonderland Dublin for this winter vacation. there’s a lot things to do there such as, ice skate, visiting funderland, santa christmas circus and more. Funderland opens Monday to Friday at 2pm and from 12 noon on Saturday, Sunday and during School holidays.

Christmas is not about finding Cheistmas wonderland, Christmas is about how you can gather together with your family, enjoying christmas eve, sharing present with all family members especially your children. Vacation in this holiday is not a must, the most important is how you keep the christmas spirit in this christmas holiday.

as a team, pronounce Merry Christmas holiday and Happy New Years 2015, may all your wish came true in the next year.

Tokyo fact and information For You who want to Visit Japan

Tokyo fact number one ; Tokyo is known as densely populated cities with sparkling nightlife. However, the Japanese capital also has many places that are not usually found in a large city such as temples, narrow streets which contains a row of restaurants with delicious menus, as well as pubs and karaoke, where local communities can sing the national anthem while dancing and have fun.

Too many things to do in Tokyo. If you intend to visit, make sure you will get the maximum vacation experience there. Here are some tips that can help you and more known about tokyo fact, quoted from Japan Guide and some other sites:

Several Tokyo Fact you must Know Before you Visit Tokyo, Japan

Enjoy the festival on the river

hanabi fireworks festival at sumida river tokyo fact

Tokyo Fact : Sumida River is a major river in Edo, the ancient name of the city of Tokyo. Throughout the year, the river is a place to hold a variety of events such as winter festivals to fireworks.
Although today the river is surrounded by concrete walls, to enjoy the beauty you can take a boat harbor Hinode to Asakusa. The boat will slide under the many bridges are many and you will see a number of landmarks such as Tsukuda ancient Japan.

Hunting fresh fish at Tsukiji

Hunting fresh fish at Tsukiji

Tokyo Fact : Almost all japanese people love fresh fish as their dishes.
Not far from the Sumida River, located Tsukiji fish market a broad and always crowded every day until touted as the world’s largest fish market. The best time to visit this market is around dawn. Here you can see the tuna auction and various other delicious marine catches, and even enjoy sashimi directly after removed from the sea.

Watching sumo wrestling

Watching sumo wrestling

Tokyo Fact : Sumo is Japan traditional wrestling culture to present the Emperor in the ancient time
In upstream areas are Kokugikan. Here tournament Grand Sumo, held three times a year, in January, May and September. Generally, the local Japanese community watch live sumo tournament while enjoying snacks and drink beer.

Visiting Tokyo ancient temples

Visiting Tokyo ancient temples

Tokyo Fact : Japanese people have a great culture in their religion
Got off the boat in Asakusa, walk for 10 minutes to the Sensoji Temple Asakusa Kannon Buddha. You can enter through Kaminarimon, bright red gate with a great big lantern hanging in front of him. After berkunung to kuii earlier, you can proceed to the traditional Nakamise shopping center which is located not far from there.

Peeking The Best Bahamas Vacation Destination For This Winter Holiday

Where did you go on this winter Holiday? a cold place? or a warm one? if you choice to have a beach relaxation on this holiday, let’s peek The Best Bahamas Vacation Destination for your winter holiday in this years.

Diving Bahamas Vacation

The Bahamas is a large tropical archipelago paradise consists of more than 2000 beauty islands. Tropical location means that these islands have a spring-like climate throughout the year. Each island has its own unique character and offers everything for you from playing Seasport to diving experience with dolphins. The islands are famous for their sparkling sandy beaches, where bright white sand meets the impossibly clear turquoise sea. That’s why Bahamas Vacation is very recomended for you beach lover.

To find the Best beach for you, we recomended that you choice “out Island” which is known as “family island” by locals. Away from the center of Grand Bahama and New Providence Island offer you tranquality and more privacy time for your own and your family. not only that, small islands also offer a cheaper and more relaxed friendly way to soak up the Caribbean sun.

As you might guess, a traditional Bahamas dish almost all seafood. Crystal clear Caribbean sea make the island one of the best places in the world to sample clams, lobsters, crabs and conches. it’s not a big problem for you who love seafood to try Bahamas locals culinary.

The cities are more cosmopolitan and resort hotel will certainly cater for those with international tastes. Expect to find everything from Italian to American-style restaurant visitors.

Best Bahamas Vacation time

Bahamas family vacation

The best travel time to Bahamas is of course when summer time. but you won’t regret it if you visit Bahamas in the winter. because the archipelago offer you sun a whole year. if you hate winter, try to take a holiday to Bahamas.

Best Bahamas Vacation Beach and Resort

Lodging is the most important when you have traveling to bahamas although many resort and hotels in Bahama. according to, there’s several resort that most recomended for your bahamas vacation time. if you love villa style and bring your big family in this bahamas vacation, Kamalame Cay is the best place for you. the place is very cozy, it’s a local house style resort with a best facility in the class. Kamalame cay is the first place for ‘Best Price Hotel’ in Andros.

Club med bahamas vacation

Another Hotel is Club Med Columbus Isle, this hotel resort is the first recomended Hotel on San Salvador Bahamas. the rate is good for your family Bahamas vacation. The Resort offer many facilities such as Gym, Swimming Pool, free breakfast and business center with a free Wi fi. if you have Bahamas vacation with a group, office friend or your big family maybe, and wanna explore San Salvador privately, Lagoon Tours Bahamas Ltd is ready to help you explore the axotic of Bahamas archipelago.

Ashley Greene and Vanessa Hudgens Vacation in Bali

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Ashley Greene and Vanessa Hudgens take Advantages to Vacation in Bali at Bali Oakley Pro event

Bali is one of the favorite vacation place destination of many people around the world, especially for people who like to surf. Since Tuesday (18/6), two Hollywood stars Ashley Greene and Vanessa Hudgens were have Vacation in Bali to learn to surf as well as attending the Oakley Pro Bali / Learn to Surf in Tanjung Benoa, Bali. In addition to vacation, they are both also involved in charity work raising funds for the preservation of coral in Bali.

Vanessa hudgens on a surfboard were vacation in bali
Vanessa hudgens on a surfboard were vacation in bali
Look that water as clean as crystal it’s so fresh in the middle of the day. vanessa look so happy riding the surf board in the clean water of Bali sea.
 Ashley Greene already looks like a professional surfer were vacation in Bali
Ashley Greene already looks like a professional surfer were vacation in Bali
Look up here’s the Pro’s come,… Ashley already look like a pro’s surfer when riding Bali sea waves, she look so confident in that board
Ashley and Vanessa moldy after surfing
Ashley and Vanessa moldy after surfing
Vanessa Hudgens looks beautiful with the flower above her ear, typical Balinese woman.
Vanessa Hudgens looks beautiful with the flower above her ear, typical Balinese woman.
Beautiful Vanessa hudgens with the Flower above her ears. it’s a typical Balinese women to put some flower above their ears for some ritual pray or traditional fashion
Ashley Greene relax in the pool
Ashley Greene relax in the pool
Ashley greene in the Pool what a sexy style with that cap, It’s relax time after  surfing all a day.
Vanessa Hudgens (left) and Ashley Greene (right) sunbathing on a boat in Tanjung Benoa Bali
Vanessa Hudgens (left) and Ashley Greene (right) sunbathing on a boat in Tanjung Benoa Bali
It’s Bali and when vacation in Bali, it’s Uncompleted if we didn’t have some Sun Bath session to make over our skin to be exotics. Here they are Ashley Greene and Vanessa Hudgens sunbathing on a boat in Tanjung Benoa Bali. They looks so gorgeous and Sexy
Vanessa Hudgens began adept at surfing when vacation in Bali
Vanessa Hudgens began adept at surfing when vacation in Bali
She’s look fun riding the Waves at her surf board, firstly she look awkward in the surfboard, but then she can control it well, Bravo Vanessa!! conquer that waves .. Lol  😀
After all day long they have surf in Bali waves, They think it's not completed to end of the day without having party at the night.
After all day long they have surf in Bali waves, They think it’s not completed to end of the day without having party at the night.
After the Bali Oakley Pro event, Ashley and Vanessa were seen enjoying a holiday in Bali. They were engrossed in a bikini above a yacht while enjoying the beauty of Bali island.

Bali Oakley Pro event itself is planned until June 29, 2013. Not surprisingly, Ashley and Vanessa take advantage of the time to enjoy the whisper of the waves on the beaches of Bali while surfing fun. Vanessa was also seen with her boyfriend, Austin Butler

Six most Colorful Cities that worth to visit

Beautiful words seemed a bit difficult if it is associated with the slums in Rio de Janeiro. But, if you looked at the hills of Santa Maria favela, you may be surprised by the “explosion of color”, the result of an art project that was recently launched Haas & Hahn.

Not only favela Santa Maria, a Colorful Cities buildings in other parts of the world is also one of the attractive tourist destination. Of a city in India that was painted pink monochromatic, to a city that may be similar to Smurf city in the movie made by Sony Pictures.

Here are the most colorful cities in the world as reported by CNN page.

1. India Colorful Cities, Jaipur

 Colorful Cities in Jaipur, India

Nothing is impossible for a nobleman Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh. In 1853, he furnishes the entire City of Jaipur in pink to welcome the Prince of Wales. Today, the remnants of the pink color was still visible along the state capital of Rajasthan, India, and the historic buildings, such as the Hawa Mahal. Jaipur India Be a the first Colorful Cities of this page

2. Colorful Cities at Morocco, Chefchaouen

Colorful Cities in Morocco, Chefchaouen

To achieve Chefchaouen, you have to go through four hours by road from the city of Fez. This Colorful Cities is known for its buildings painted all blue. In the 1500s, the region had become a refuge for Spanish Jews.

3. Colorful Cities at Istanbul, Balat

Colorful Cities in Istanbul, Balat

Balat is a city where you can spend time to linger. In addition to the amazing architecture, the city also has a view of colorful buildings and be one of Colorful Cities in the world.

4. Colorful Cities Juzcar at Spain

Colorful Cities Juzcar at Spain

Previously, Juzcar is a city with all-white building. However, in 2011, a Hollywood executive asking local residents to paint their houses blue to promote Smurfs movie. After the promotion, the executive offered to residents to repaint their buildings in the city with the original color. However, the offer was rejected by it residents with increasing numbers of tourists to Juzcar since the city become a Colorful Cities.

5. Colorful Cities Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Colorful Cities Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In 2010, Dutch artists Haas & Hahn worked together to change favela in Rio de Janeiro became a giant canvas for their third project in the city’s slums. Through the help of local youth, they changed the Favela Santa Maria a surprising proportion of the rainbow and be the Colorful Cities in Brazil.

6. Colorful Cities in Vernazza, Italy

Colorful Cities in Vernazza, Italy

With a blend of pastel colors pink, lemon yellow, and green sea, Vernazza City to be a perfect Postcard picture and one of Colorful Cities. However, the city was hit by devastating floods in 2011. Now, local residents still do restoration and repainting the building.

Top Five Most Amazing Islands in Asia

Vacation plans? Think you are on an Amazing Islands surrounded by softness white sand. Think also how small waves swept legs with soothing instruments. Or fresh air as you walk around the coast of the island.
you can try take a vacation gateway in the weekend to Bintan Lagoon Resort, if you around Singapore or if you want some different experience, you can find out more on this Top Five Amazing Island in Asia.

The mind feels must be realized. Small Amazing Islands in the middle of the sea has become the most enjoyable tourist destination to relieve fatigue. Reported Allwomenstalk, following five Amazing Islands in Asia are worth to visit for its beauty.

Five Amazing Islands in Asia

1. Phu Quoc, Amazing Islands in Vietnam

Phu Quoc amazing island in asia

Advantages of this island is the sand-colored cashmere and flirty. You can also find a vast forest in the middle of the island. Phu Quoc is still fairly modern infrastructure has not been touched.

2. Gili, Lombok Amazing Islands Indonesia

In the ’80s Gili is a backpacker’s paradise. Rustic charm brought thousands of backpackers come to enjoy it. However you can still get the atmosphere easily. Not only rural exotica, Gili began to dress themselves with the tantalizing culinary tour. In addition to beaches and tourist submarine must have known. Gili is part of West Sumbawa Island, Indonesia. The Island is near Bali Island and have it’s own exotic landscape and culture that you won’t miss while vacation there.

3. Koh Lipe, Thailand Amazing Islands

Koh Lipe, Thailand Amazing Islands

Koh Lipe is a small island in Asia that holds the awesome scenery. With three major beaches around it, you can quickly get around to become familiar with this Amazing Islands.

4. Cebu, Philippines

cebu philipines

This beautiful Amazing Islands is a prime tourist destinations of Philippines. The island is even referred to as the most charismatic island is ready to pamper guests with five star hotel facilities and quaint cafes or restaurants.

5. Boracay, Philippines Amazing Islands

Boracay, Philippines Amazing Islands

This tropical Amazing Islands is very intriguing. If you intend to get there, do not forget to prepare the beach for sunbathing fabrics create exotic skin. In addition to the clean beaches, big waves and strong winds, making Boracay a ideal place for water sports enthusiast. Diving, snorkeling, sea walking, jet skiing, para sailing, or just drive around to several small islands surrounding Boracay. Boracay Resort also offer us amazing experience.

so if Asia is one of your favorite destination for your travel, make sure you get on this Top Five Most Amazing Island in Asia, and feel the different experience once a time in your life.

Beautiful Flower Blossom Park at Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

For those of you who had the opportunity to visit Japan, you must go to Hitachi Seaside Park. Hitachi Seaside Park is located in Ibaraki Prefecture. Here visitors can enjoy the beauty of the 3.5 acres of beautiful gardens filled with beauty flowers of various colors. No need to worry about fatigue in the park, because the Hitachi Seaside Park manager provides bicycles for rent as well as other means of transportation such as train.

Beautiful Flower Blossom Park at Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

Finding a romantic attractions in Japan? Ibaraki is the recommended place for that. There are Hitachi Seaside Park that will bring you into the land of fairy tales. This place is a 3.5 hectare park full of flowers of different colors.

At the peak of the Hitachi Seaside Park, or the tourist often to call Colorful Hill, visitors can see 170 kinds of flowers. If you visiting in the spring, you will be presented with a bunch of blooming Daffodil and Tulip flowers. While in the summer the park is beautiful panoramic serves flowers roses and Nemophila.

Besides flowers, you will also get a light blue carpet from flowers Nemophila. Or gradation of pink and magenta flowers Cosmos and Kochia. Both species are blooming in the fall. So, there is no specific time to visit the Hitachi Seaside Park. The park is split throughout the year.

In addition to 4.5 million flock flower, “Colorful Hill” also offers crystal clear Pacific Ocean because it is nea from the parkr. When the Tsunami in 2011 slamming, Hitachi Seaside Park could fall apart, but this recreation park can recover soon.

To be able to be in the park, every traveler of charge U.S. $ 4. The park is easily accessible from the city using the bus, train or private car. Besides enjoyed with your family, this park is very romantic place for couples wintering together. Having tired around the park, visitors can feast on a barbecue are provided.

Some of flower at Hitachi Seaside Park remind us to Dr Seuss : the Lorax movies, the tree on the movie is identical with one of flower kind in Hitachi Seaside Park. Some area in the park full of Nemophila flower that decorate the park such as The Snow in the Spring it’s so beautiful. Don’t forget to bring the Camera so you can make a picture of you in the Flower Wonderland of Hitachi Seaside Park.

Not only Hitachi Seaside Park that you can enjoy in Japan, you should try to visit Tomamu Resort. The Resort offer you amazing view sea of cloud. you can feel like living in the sky with those cloud below your feet, then you can enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine while seat relax in the Resort. find out more at Cozy Tomamu Resort Cloud Country Unkai Terrace Hokkaido Japan.

Bintan Lagoon Resort one of the Best Bintan Resort

Holiday at Cozy Private Beach of Bintan Lagoon Resort one of the Best Bintan Resort

Bintan lagoon resort main pool

Bintan Lagoon resort is a beautiful warm resort in Bintan Island Indonesia, according to, Bintan Lagoon Resort is the most valuable resort in Bintan Island. There’s a lot things to do in Bintan Lagoon Resort as a vacation destination. we can Explore Bintan resort “Pasir Panjang” (Long White Beach) and make a splash with more than 30 water sports or enjoy over 20 activities such as tennis, soccer, beach volley ball, archery, darts, table tennis and golf.

Bintan Lagoon resort also offer us Spa and Relaxation. Just Take The opportunity to indulge, relax and rejuvenate in the tranquil haven of Day Spa. the diverse menu of spa services utilizes organic ingredients in conjuction with sophisticated modern technic at Bintan resort. revive your tired muscles with massage, invigorate skin with herbal and volcanic scrubs or pamper yourself with facial, hand foot therapies.

Activities & Recreation at Bintan Lagoon Resort

Activities & Recreation at Bintan Lagoon Resort

Fun in the sun and the sea abounds at Bintan Lagoon Resort. This Bintan resort have an extensive range of activities both in and out of the water. we can play Banana Boat, Dinghy sailing, Jet ski & Jet ski touring, Snorkeling Trip, Boat Cruise and many more. The South China Sea is very tranquil in the summer, maybe a little wave but it’s very save even for your child to play on the beach.

Romantic Dinning Night at Bintan resort

romantic dinner sea face at bintan lagoon resort

Bintan Lagoon resort features a kaleidoscope of several restaurant and bars offering inspiring dining creations, diverse cuisine and tantalizing choices in ambient setting of Bintan resort.

1. Kopi O

kopi o bintan lagoon resort

feast on authentic Asian and Western specialities created with the freshest seasional ingredients. Overlooking a cascading pool and waterfall, the restaurant offers buffet and a la carte breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kopi O sumptuous evening buffet presents a new theme in every day.

2. Miyako Japanese Restaurant

Miyako Japanese Restaurant

if you like Japanese food such as sushi, donmono, tempura, teppanyaki and everithing in between, Bintan Lagoon Resort also have a cozy place for your dinning night. Miyako Japanese restaurant is superb authentic cuisine in zen surroundings.  Highly recommended are the Japanese and Korean bento boxes offering a taste of a wide variety of seasonal specialties.

3. Orzo Italian & Mediterranean Restaurant

Enjoy mouth-watering Mediterranean delights from traditional favourites such as Pizzas and pastas to contemporery dishes. Orzo Bintan Lagoon Resort Restaurant is a cozy air conditioned restaurant with relaxed friendly atmosphere.

4. Rice Beachfront Bar and Dining

Rice Beachfront Bar and Dining

The lattest addition to Bintan Lagoon Resort’s dining and wining option is this resort signature restaurant. located right on the beach overlooking the South China Sea. The Casual and laid back restaurant offers Asian and western cuisine in air conditioned and al fresco areas. along with a sprawling beach bar dotted with sun loungers for lazy day under the sun.

that’s it for now about bintan Lagoon resort. You can find more Information about the Resort at and Book the room at to get special discount for the room.

Asia Region Fun Vacation

Summer soon, did you have any fun vacation plans? If not, consider the option of fresh destinations to indulge. Welcome the beauty of the ocean or urban modernity. Bali for example. This Island is still a star for holiday affairs and for your fun vacation.

Compelling reasons to visit: the atmosphere is full of culture, culinary distinctiveness, sunbathing on the beach, relaxing, comfortable lodging, yoga, beautiful beaches and a million options.

Or if you have a long time, wandering in the Asian region may also be tried. Here are some recommendations for your fun vacation:

Maldives Fun Vacation

Maldives Fun Vacation

Located in the Indian Ocean, neighboring India and Srilanka, Maldives famous with the clear blue of sea water. This place even frequented by Hollywood celebrities and high-ranking government officials from all directions.

Small islands in Maldives is presenting resort and hotel with personal service. It seems this place is also suitable for honeymoon or only just fun vacation. You can easily feel the fresh air in the morning while opening the eyes. Enjoy the white sand and walk a bit to pamper feet with a splash of sea water, or stay dive to see the underwater beauty.

Singapore Fun Vacation

Singapore Fun Vacation

Summer holiday synonymous with the beach and the sea? Not really. You could come to Singapore to simply enjoy the culinary and have fun vacation in the city. If you want to satisfy your shopping appetite , Singapore also had the Great Singapore Sale. An annual event held every May 31 to July 28, 2013.

Thailand Fun Vacation

Thailand Fun Vacation

Still want to enjoy the beach, you can also visit to Phuket, Thailand. In addition to Phang Nga Bay is known as a beautiful beach surrounded by spectacular hills, there are also Phi Phi Island is known for its crystal clear sea and white sand and clean. Thailand is one favourite place for fun vacation in asia.

In reports, Thailand also presents a series of historical tours. Such as Wat Chalong Temple and Phuket Temple. Or Old Phuket Town is an area of ​​old Phuket Thailand offers the atmosphere of the past, complete with the culinary.

Five Exotic Beaches in West Sumbawa

Are You beach lover and longs to set foot in the smooth sand? If it’s so, come to the West Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. Since long day ago, West Sumbawa is known for its beautiful beaches with soft sand.

The Location is restricted at Alas Strait – which separates the island of Lombok Sumbawa Island – West Sumbawa be made attractive tourist destination. The distance was not far from Lombok and Bali.

West Sumbawa an alternative journey at east Bali

Well, if you are planning a vacation to the West Sumbawa, be sure not to miss a number of this following beaches:

1. Lawar Beach West Sumbawa

Lawar Beach West Sumbawa

This beach is a paradise for surfing lover. The beach is flanked by two stone niches are known to have the roar of the waves are quite extreme.

But for those of you who do not like sports challenge, towering rocks on either side of the beach could be a interesting spot to take pictures. Lawar beach is also suitable for you who like photography because of the sunset at this place is perfect with violet reflections dusk when the weather was pretty friendly.

Lawar beaches are on the west coast of  West Sumbawa. The road to the beach is quite steep and challenging. However, tired on the trip paid off with exotic views of the coast.

2. Rantung Beach West Sumbawa

Rantung Beach West Sumbawa

Rantung beach became the target of foreign tourists to romp in the high and challenging waves. Rantung also known as one of the best places to surf in the world and was featured in an online website streets of the United States.

The beach is also a few times into a world championship surfing level. No wonder more foreign travelers who visited here in comparison to the domestic tourist. Roll waves reaching two meters above the beach make this known to the foreign countries of West Sumbawa.

3. West Sumbawa Maluk beach

West Sumbawa Maluk beach

Do not tell me you’ve come to the West Sumbawa if not coming to this one beach. The beach is located in the village Maluk, known for its beautiful panorama and a paradise for photography lovers.

Location not far from the bustle of the village Maluk, also known as the ‘pepper’ sand  subtle sparkle with color when exposed to the sun. The waves were quite friendly fit for you who like to swim, snorkel or paddle a canoe. For food lovers, do not miss the famous fried beef jerky tasty at this beach.

4. Ai’K Kangkung Beach West Sumbawa

Ai'K Kangkung Beach

Located in a remote village called Ai’k Watercress, not many people know about the existence of this beaches. The beach was clean and the sand was very soft. Try disconnecting your footwear and feel how soft the sand on this beach. Soon this will become a popular beach since the construction of a resort.

5. West Sumbawa Kertasari beach

West Sumbawa Kertasari beach

Located in the Kertasari Village, Taliwang District , West Sumbawa, this one has a beach panorama with a very unique combination of towering rocks on the right and left and a small uninhabited island in the middle of the beach. Kertasari beach is also known as seaweed farming spot for locals. Tosca blue ocean water is getting ahead of the sunset reveal its beauty.

Transportation to West Sumbawa is not difficult. You just go to Lombok to get there. In addition, with many domestic and foreign tourists who come, now transport access to West Sumbawa increasingly prevalent so you have plenty of options to the favorite beach.