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Cyprus Vacation Spot for This Winter Holiday

It’s Winter holiday time. some of us use the Holiday to gather with all the family member to celebrate christmas and New Year eve. But if you wanna feel different atmosphere of Winter Holiday, why don’t you check Cyprus, one of beautiful land in Eastern Mediterranean Sea. you can feel the warm of the sun in the winter, dive in the ocean or just walk around in the ancient city of cyprus or several beautiful Cyprus Vacation Spot.

Republic of Cyprus is an island nation in the eastern Mediterranean. Cyprus has beautiful beaches and the ruins of ancient buildings of the past are recognized as cultural heritage by UNESCO.

No wonder, if Cyprus Vacation Spot could become one of the interesting places that can be visited. Reporting from the CNN page, the following are interesting places that you can see in Cyprus.

Cyprus Vacation Spot Called Island of Love

island of love cyprus

Called the island of love for the Cypriot folk legend, the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite was born from the foam near a rock on a beach in Cyprus. The coast, now called the Aphrodite Beach. When the waves are breaking rocks will form a foam pillar beautiful as a goddess .

Cyprus Vacation Spot All parts of the City is a World Heritage

cyprus world heritage

Cyprus is a country with a remarkable history in the past . Throughout Paphos corner you can find the remains of ancient tombs , forts , palaces and the former building . The historical relics make the whole city was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO .

Cyprus Vacation Spot for The Tombs of the Kings

cyprus Tombs of the Kings

The Tombs of the Kings is one of the main attractions of tourism in Paphos . This place is also in the list of the most important World Heritage Site. Resting place of the 4th century BC are carved out of solid rock complete with Doric pillars of the UN touted as a monumental and extraordinary. Architectural style is influenced by the Egyptian style .

The ancient Egyptians believed that the tomb of the dead should resemble the people who are still alive. To that end, this tomb was built to resemble a full page with pillars and roof . Those buried here are the ones that have a high position.

When visiting this ancient tomb, it’s better to bring some hat and a bottle of water, the area is can get hot quick when exploring the vast site, especially on warm days.

Cyprus Vacation Spot for World Class Diving Site

cyprus diving site

Cyprus has one of the underwater cultural heritage sites recognized by UNESCO. Located off the coast of Larnaca , there Zenobia wreck. Cargo ship which sank in 1980 and most of the furniture was left to rot on the deck of the ship .

The wreck is now a residential barracuda and tuna. However, divers can still enjoy the beauty of the underwater ruins of Zenobia.

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