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Japan Tourist Destination on Budget

Japan became one of the world's popular destinations. Various types of tours can be found and feel in this place, ranging from cultural tourism, technology tours, shopping tour to family tourism in the theme park.

If you want a vacation to Japan, there are things that need to be considered and planned. Like when is the right time for a vacation to Japan.

One Travel Consultant from Topland, Marcus, said the right time and fitting for the first time travelers to Japan is at the end of March or early April. In addition to the air temperature is not cold and not hot, at that time is a blooming Sakura flower season that can be enjoyed by tourists.

While the tourist destinations that must be visited in Japan, he suggested Tokyo Tower as a place to be visited.

"Well if for the first time can come to Tokyo first, there can be to Tokyo Tower .If if to Jakarta is incomplete if not to Monas, if going to Tokyo is incomplete if not to Tokyo Tower," he told cozyresort.com when met in a travel exhibition in Central Park, New York, recently.

Later when going to the Tokyo Tower, he continued, tourists can see the beauty of Tokyo from the altitude. In addition, tourists can also try to see the night scene of Tokyo while down the river using the ferry on the River Cruise. In that place too we can see Sky Tower Rainbow.

After that, can continue the trip to Mount Fuji, the location is not too far from Tokyo. "Tourist area around Mount Fuji Kawaguchi there, in Oishi Park can see cherry blossoms grow as well," he said.

Well, considering that the visit falls to coincide with the growth of Sakura flowers, tourists can go to some place that is the best spot to see the blossom of cherry blossoms on the Meguro River. Here tourists can find the flowers of Sakura on both sides of the river that stretches for as far as four kilometers.

Then there's Yoyogi Park in downtown Tokyo, you can picnic while feeling Sakura's flower. This park presents a variety of varieties of Sakura flowers.

Well, then how to lodging, transportation and meals while in Tokyo Japan?

You can try looking at the Airbnb accommodation rental website, or searching for information from the internet about hostels or capsule hotels that are quite saving your pockets.

Cheaper lodging prices can be obtained if we book online in advance can be a 2,000-yen (about $20) from the price of 4,000 to 5,000's (about $45 to $60)

We suggested if you want to save money can choose to buy food from kombi, a kind of minimarket.

There we can choose onigiri, salad, to set food (bento) that the price is quite affordable where we can warm the foods in the microwave.

Well for those of you who want more efficient again, we can cook in the inn that there is a kitchen available there. For transportation he suggests using subway transportation while traveling in Tokyo.

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