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Best Winter Vacations in The World and Feel The art of the Ice Age

Snow fell from the sky provide a beautiful decoration for the earth. Some cities transformed with shades of white, make a beautiful scenery and attractive view for the tourists. Winter snow pack also inspired many artists. There is a concept that elevates the snow to a festival even became a hotel. Wondering where is the best winter vacations in the world to spend the holidays with snow scenery?  you should visit the countries below.

Sweden Ice Hotel Winter Vacation

One of the countries in Northern Europe have the Ice Hotel, the world's largest ice hotel is located in JukkasjÀrvi. Every winter, about 50 thousand tourists from all over the world come to stay in this quiet hotel. Some are even just visiting the hotel to view the unique of the building. we think this Hotel is a great destination for your best winter vacations.

Norway Best winter vacation

Norway is the nearest country to the North Pole and you can see the famous beautiful of aurora borealis phenomenon there. One of the most appropriate place to be a witness of this phenomenon is at Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Alta. Each year, the inn consists of 30 rooms was opened in January and melts in the spring.

Alaska Fur Rendezvous Winter Festival


Cannot be denied, winter in Alaska is more than enough to make you freeze. the sky is darker then the summer and the weather as you know is really cold. but you can always put Alaska as one of your Best winter Vacations list because Alaska have Fur Rendezvous winter festival. Fur Rendezvous Festival held at Anchorages the largest city in Alaska and has been held for almost 75 years. The festival presenting the outhouse races, native arts market, snowshoe softball, a snow sculpture contest, a sled-dog race, and the uniquely Alaskan “running of the reindeer.”

Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival

The world will be stunned by the beautiful artwork of ice. Displayed various objects such as buildings , gardens, flowers, waterfalls, European-style churches and animal sculptures are carved from ice. All of this can be obtained through the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival. At night, the lights on the ice artwork will be lit and a beautiful glow. The Festival is held at Harbin the capital and largest city of heilongjiang province in the northeastern region of the People's Republic of China. This Annual festival started about 18 years ago and has become the World Biggest Winter Festival. The Festival is started at December to February

Canada Rocky Mountain Winter Vacations

Canada is known for exciting travel by train. Along the tracks, you are offered a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountain, glacier lakes, and snow-covered forest .

Well, if you want to see Niagara Falls with a different form ? Come to this country during the winter. There is a lively festival called Winter Festival of Lights which lasted 9 November 2013-31 January 2017. There are three lights also illuminate the route along 6 kilometers.

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