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Venice Carnival, Annual Masks Festival in Italy

Venice Carnival, Annual Masks Festival in Italy

Named Carnival of Venice or Venice Carnival, the event is an annual festival in Venice, Italy. Festival which takes place from February 11 - 28, 2017 was identical to the mask festival party.

As reported by the Telegraph page, the entire local community dressed in the style of 18th-century Venice and unique masks to cover the face. from the afternoon until the evening, their ceaseless dance and walk around the city to perform the Venice carnival tradition.

Venice Carnival History

Venice Carnival, Annual Masks Festival in Italy

That said, the history of convening this unique festival began when the Serenissima Repubblica managed to win the battle against the Patriarch of Aquileia, Ulrico in Treven in 1163. As a celebration, people start dancing and hanging out at the San Marco Square. The activity then becomes a tradition performed each year in the Renaissance period.

In the 17th century, the Venice carnival became a way of shaping the image of Venice in the eyes of the world. The 18th century, the Venice carnival became so popular and more and more people attended the Venice each year.

However, under the reign of the King of Austria, this festival should be discontinued in 1797 and put on the mask is prohibited.

Venice Carnival, Annual Masks Festival in Italy
Having stopped in long enough period of time, the festival was revived in 1979. At that time, the government decided to restore the tradition and culture of Venice.

Today, Venice Carnival became an attraction for local and foreign tourists. Recorded about 3 million tourists visit Venice each year to witness the carnival.

One of the most important agenda in a series of carnival is Machera la piĆ¹ bella contest , which means the most beautiful masks . The contest is held on the last weekend of carnival with a jury made up of international fashion designers and costume.

Interesting to go there? it's not to late to go now, and prepare your renaissance mask now, and join the party at Venice Carnival.

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