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How to Control Your Fear of Heights and Flying Phobia

Many people have a fear of heights and are reluctant to travel by plane. Flying Phobia or fear of flying even claimed to occur in one out of six people.

Yet according to a study conducted by the U.S. National Safety Council, the course of using the air line is relatively safer than the road trip. Additionally, traveling by plane is certainly faster relative should overland or sea.

Panic attacks, dizziness, and breathless are some things that are commonly experienced by people with a Flying Phobia or Pteromerhanophobia. But with discipline, most people can conquer his flying phobia. Here are some techniques and strategies to overcome the flying phobia, quoted from Smart Life Style.

Control your Flying Phobia

Deep breathing is the first thing you should do because it can slow the adrenaline working worsen panic attacks. Breath deeply can distract you from the thoughts underlying fear is happening and gives control over your physical reaction.

Another way is to 'trick' your mind to visualize positive things. For example, when the plane started to take off, you can throw away the negative thoughts that underlie these fears by imagining that you 're landing and had to destination safely. Or you could imagine was traveling overland to convert the turbulence that occurs with 'road bumps'.

Furthermore, is not tempted to have a conversation about flying phobia that you experience with your companion seat. Because they might actually be tempted to tell a bad trip they've ever experienced and make your fears of heights worsen.

Look carefully at the safety guidelines and demonstrations that conducted by the flight attendant before your flight. Nothing wrong with you to arm yourself with as much knowledge about the study of safety features, security measures, and traffic control, so you aware and stay calm if unwanted situation come with the flight.

Avoid sitting near the window of course is also one important trick to control your fear of heights because then you will not be tempted to look toward the window. Sitting in the middle position will also make you feel claustrophobic. So choose the position of the edge. Lastly, do not forget to pray before traveling.

And if all of the trick to control your flying phobia above is doesn't work for you, it's time for Sleep Pills. do not consume to much of it, just consume one or two tablets so you can relax sleep without fear that you will feel fear of heights or Flying phobia.  

You see, there's always a way to conquer your Flying Phobia, just be calm and be positive thinking then you'll be fine.

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