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Thousand of People Naked in Japanese Naked Festival Hadaka Matsuri

Japanese Naked Festival Hadaka Matsuri

Japan is Unique. Many eccentric things you can find in this country, from food, appearance, until the unreasonable Habit. One of them is naked in the winter habits or better known as Hadaka Matsuri or Naked Festival.

Quoted from page , this festival began 500 years ago, when everyone compete for a paper talisman, which is called Go - o from the Priest. According to the Japanese public confidence and Japanese culture, good things will happen to anyone who managed to get the paper. After that, the number of people who ask the amulet continues to increase from year to year. However, because the paper is easily torn, the talismans paper are converted into wooden planks.

While shouting " Wasshoi ! Wasshoi ! ", The men who follow this festival started thronged the temples . Although the Hadaka Matsuri festival is held in the winter , the spirit of the participants have not decreased , but even more fiery.

Now this Hadaka Matsuri festival even be a unique tourist attraction which is always crowded with tourist from outside Japan. Hadaka Matsuri was not only held in a particular city , it is spread all over the country. In other words , thousands of Japanese citizens simultaneously naked in winter just for the sake of a piece of wood.

Hadaka Matsuri Festival

Japanese Naked Festival Hadaka Matsuri

Japanese Naked Festival Hadaka Matsuri

Although participants are required to come with no clothes , but that does not mean they are coming really naked. Because the participants of the festival still have to use a loincloth, or fundhosi in Japanese. In fact some of them are still wearing short coats. Obviously, the festivals that held throughout Japan every year, only be followed by the men.

The festival also has a variety of names, according to the region to enable it. One of the most famous is Saidaiji Eyo Hadaka Matsuri, which is held at the Shrine Saidaiji in Okayama. Shrine Saidaiji also be the first place in Japan who Held, Hadaka Matsuri.

Each year there are more than nine thousand people who follow the festival. They follow this festival is not without reason , the article is that anyone can catch a stick "luck" as far as 4 cm in diameter 20 cm, which was thrown by the priest from a distance of 4 meters, believed to be a lucky man all the year. so are you interested to be naked man in Hadaka Matsuri to be the lucky man in the year?

This Japanese Annual festival is held every February and if you wanna came for the festival, you should know exactly when the Hadaka Matsuri will be held. for next years. the Festival will be held on 17 February make sure you already book the hotel or resort before the festival.

Fact and History of Hadaka Matsuri Festival

Hadaka Matsuri started since the Nara period 767 AD at a time of great misfortune and plagues that struck Japan. Japanese people at that time believed that the naked will absorb bad luck and illness. each village should send a man to serve as "Shin-otoko" or "Godly Man". These participants were required to shave all the hair on his body that will be paraded around the village. Japanese people believe that every person who touches the "Shin-Otoko 'when paraded around the village, will be cured of bad luck and disease they had.

The Hadaka Matsuri Festival is only For Boys

According to the History, Hadaka Matsuri festival is only for a man. you will find all ages man gather in one place. so if you want to see japanese naked lady  in the festival, You're in the wrong festival here.

Fighting is Prohibited

Although the festival can lead to chaos, the fact is Fighting is prohibited on the festival.

No Drinking is Allowed

The Festival attendant also prohibited from drinking alcohol

Tattoo is Prohibited

If you had a Tattoo, you cannot show it through the festival. cover it with skin color cover.

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