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Free Spirit Spheres, The Eyeball Tree Hotel

Free spirit spheres Unique tree hotel

Free spirit spheres Unique tree hotel

Stay at the tree house you will feel unbeatable Sensation. Moreover, if the tree house in the middle of the forest. You can feel the atmosphere like in the Tarzan movie.

Well, if the design of the house is usually only the shape of the tree house, Canada invites you to feel the sensation of staying in the hanging eyeball in the middle of the forest. this "Eyeball" tree house  is in the Vancouver rain forest Canada. Precisely at Horne Lake Road, Quallicum Beach.

Free Spirit Spheres, Feel Like Tarzan Lodging

This unique lodging is named Free Spirit Spheres. As reported by the website,, this lodging provides only four rooms, the Spheres, Eve, Eryn and Melody. Each room has a different view and different interior.

Just like a real eyeball, the lodging also has a pupil that serves as a window with a beautiful view of the altitude. the lodging which located in this Four Seasons country, are open all year. The goal is that visitors can feel the atmosphere of the different woods in every season.

Guests who stay will also be invited to enjoy the nature more closely. Unfortunately, this hotel is only for adults or at least a minimum of 16 years old and above. That is because the security element. The Free Spirit Spheres hotel is just using a wooden ladder with a handle made ​​of rope.

Interesting to stay in the eyeball tree house?

You can feel the thrill of staying in the eyeball with a price of  $ 145  per night. If you stay both with your couple or friend, it will cost you $ 165 per night. However, if you are planning to stay for seven days, you will be given free time to stay one night, at day 7.

About the Free Spirit Spheres Lodging

1. Eve Free Spirit Spheres

Free Spirit Spheres, The Eyeball Tree Hotel

as quotes from, Eve is made from cedar strips and was the first hand crafted sphere. Eve is 9 ft. in diameter (2800mm) and has 2 - 4' diameter windows. Eve has one comfy duvet covered single bed, a settee for sitting, cupboards and counter space. Free Spirit Spheres provide purified water and all the fixings for making tea and coffee. For your enjoyment Eve has built in speakers for those who wish to bring their own music and video devices.

2. Eryn Free Spirit Spheres

Eryn Free Spirit Spheres

Eryn is made from Sitka Spruce and was Free Spirit Spheres second handcrafted. You walk up a spiral staircase to this 10.5ft (3200mm) diameter sphere. The room almost 80% larger than Eve and more elegant. Eryn has a comfy duvet covered double bed and a loft bed with a weight limit of 165 pounds.

3. Melody Free Spirit Spheres

Melody Free Spirit Spheres

Free Spirit Spheres newest sphere in the trees is named Melody. it has a vibrant yellow fiberglass exterior with a mural that definitely catches the eye.

To get to Melody, you stroll over a short bridge, then climb a few stairs that spiral around a tree. Melody has the same volume as Eryn, but with a completely different interior. it had black walnut interior has a spacious open living concept. Melody has 5 windows, including a sky light, a small sink, cupboards with dishes, purified water and everything you need for making tea and coffee.

Melody has bench seats under the large windows and two tables that fold down to make work stations. Melody has a Murphy bed that comes out of the back wall creating a bedroom at night. Her comfy duvet covered double bed sleeps two people. Melody Have an electrically heated with a thermostat on the wall. Many accent cupboards and adjustable lighting enable you to set the mood. She has a private electric composting outhouse adjacent to the sphere. For your enjoyment Melody is wired for 120V AC and has built in speakers for those who wish to bring their own music or video devices.

Melody is lovely for overnight stays and perfect for longer stays as a working studio. She appeals to artists, musicians and writers looking for creative studio space.


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