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Necker Island, Worth Adventures of Sir Richard Branson Island

Necker Island, Worth Adventures of Sir Richard Branson Island

Need an unforgettable vacation experience ? Try an adventure safari. Watching the play off wild animals accompanied by charming meadows and woods, really exciting . As there is a time machine that threw themselves into the wild life of the forest .

The atmosphere as it is usually found in African countries such as Zimbabwe, Kenya, or Tanzania. Not many people know, there is a dash of "Africa" is hidden in the Caribbean ocean. Planted on Necker Island, such as foot and mingle with the real Africa.

Mahali Mzuri Review Luxury Lodging at Necker Island

Island area of ​​300 thousand square meters under the banner of the British Virgin Islands. A British entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson , as the Island owner. He created a feel of the African island complete with luxury lodging Mahali Mzuri that blends with nature .

From there, visitors can gaze dramatic landscapes that support African wildlife. The view was stunning many people in the world, including celebrities.

Mahali Mzuri inn

Mahali Mzuri inn

Mahali Mzuri inn

Quoting the Daily Mail, a number of celebrities on vacation ever recorded there. In fact, supermodel Kate Moss is rumored to be celebrating her 40th birthday in the middle of Necker Island.

Mahali Mzuri inn is located in a charming valley. There is an interesting panorama presented from a height. There are 12 casual and comfortable atmosphere of the inn, accompanied by stunning natural charm. Branson is promising Luxury life in Outdoor.

To fill activities, visitors will be taken on safari around the island. That's where the wild charm presented. There are lions, wild goats, and a variety of birds that traced his life interesting.

Plus, Branson also invites traditional native African tribes living there. It was they who introduced African culture to visitors.

When the sun goes down, visitors can see the beauty of Necker Island from the balcony of the inn. Sparkly lights add to the romantic atmosphere.

Dinner was special. Visitors accompanied by incandescent lamps are hung in a tree, while eating delicious cuisine under the starry sky.

Mahali Mzuri Inn Rate

Overnight at Necker Island cost £ 376 to £ 634 per night. But, if you want to enjoy a private atmosphere, Branson renting out the whole island for £ 40 thousand.

if the price is too high, we can provide you a better lodging place with a friendly price in the Caribbean ocean. you can find it here. or you can check booking page in the main menu above.

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