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4 Exotic Beach cloaked by Clamshell

Mostly, every exotic beach in the world only offer us white sand and a beautiful view of sunset or sunrise. in several country, Exotic beach also give us view of the calm waves, but not in this beach. this beach has it's own uniqueness, the beach is Cloaked by Clam shell.

Seashell or clam shells are marine mollusks living place. When these tiny animals die, the shell remains and is often carried by the waves to shore. Several beaches in the world even have a beach full of shells. The beaches are not like ordinary beach composed of sand and gravel, but entirely filled of  shells.

This is four unique exotic beach with shells in the world:

1. Shell Beach, Australia.

Shell Beach is located about 45 kilometers southeast of Denham in the Shark Bay, Western Australia. This Exotic beach extends along 120 kilometers of snow-white and color thanks to a stretch of millions of tiny shells.

Coastal sea has high salinity due to local geomorphology and climatic regions. High salinity allows mussels breed well, because the ocean predators are not fit to live on this exotic beach. When the mussels have died, their shells carried by the waves to cover the entire surface of the beach. It has been going on for thousands of years.

Shells, it now has a license to mine the production of calcium for poultry feed and fertilizer for the plantations. In the early years, the shells are also mined and used as construction material.

2. Sanibel Island, Florida.

Sanibel Island is located in Florida, United States, attract many visitors from all over the world. This is due to the large number of shells brought from the sea waves. The shells have great impact on the economic life of Sanibel Island. The visitors can buy shells of various sizes and shapes are beautiful shops at the seaside. Check also about Sanibel Island, Exotic Beach Full of Clam Shells

3. Shell Beach, Saint Barthélemy.

Shell Beach is also called Grande Galet which is a favorite beach destinations on the Saint Barthélemy island. Many visitors who come each year to this exotic beach to watch the beautiful scenery shells envelop sprawling beaches. The unique seashell beach is brought to shore the waves vary according to the climate and weather.

4. Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.

Jeffreys Bay is a city located in the province of Eastern Cape, South Africa. Although not as spectacular as shell Beach in Australia, Jeffreys Bay is also very well known by the number of shells that adorn its shores.

The exotic beach is also famous for its restaurants serving fresh seafood from the sea. In this city, there is a Shell Museum which has a collection of 600 shells of various species around the world. That makes it one of the largest collections of shells in South Africa.

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