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Marieta Island Hidden Paradise


Marieta Island a Beautiful Hidden Beach

marieta island Marieta Island Hidden Paradise

With white sand and Clear blue sea water as crystal in Marieta Island, who would have thought this beautiful beach created by erosion and bombs? Yes, this hidden beach beach was a location for bombing target practice by the government of Mexico in the early 1900s.

The military exercises carried out in Marieta Island area because it was only a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico and did not have a resident. Instead of rubble or coral rubble, in this location it is formed into shore. As reported by the Daily Mail website, one of the bomb blast and the massive rock that juts formed into the hole then creating beach.

marieta islands hidden beach31 Marieta Island Hidden Paradise

The beach is located in Puerto Vallarta Marieta Islands, has long been a tourist attraction of local and foreign tourists since the pictures circulating on social media. Call it a paradise for tourists due to its location which is hidden inside a giant rock pit.

Hidden beach called Playa De Amor or Love Beach can be reached by swimming through a short tunnel that will lead you to the beach. One of the travel agents provide package tours to the Marieta Island beaches, Ventura Osorio, said Marieta Islands formed thousands of years ago by the action of volcanic rock.

“The Marieta Islan beach was formed during World War I, since the Mexican government to use the islands as a bombing target practice,” said Ventura of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

He also said the bombing exercises has produced many caves and rocks with unique shapes  in Marieta Islands. The island is currently designated as a nature reserve and is protected by the Mexican government. The tourists who want to visit this hidden beach should be bagged prior written permission. Even so, Marieta Island become one of the tourist attraction while they in the Mexico.






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