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InterContinental Shimao, luxury hotels at the mine site

InterContinental Shimao

It's not Chinese if not present to world the full sensation building. After a fuss with skyscrapers, Curtain the Bamboo country is now being pioneered new hotel. New Hotel with a unique concept that mixed unused giant mine with a luxury facility of five star Hotel. With unused mine as their first capital, they develop a luxury hotel called InterContinental Shimao.

Later, InterContinental Shimao hotel which is had 19 floors and 380 rooms are will have an incredible views. The Guests later, can enjoy the view of the waterfall from a height of 100 meters, directly from the rented room, as reported by

In addition, this luxury hotel is available around 428 000 square meters garden, complete with space for bungee jumping and rock cliff overlooking the hotel floor. this could be a great experience to stay in the "Giant Mine Hotel" with an Incredible view of the mine. Those who stay can also enjoy the restaurant which was built under water.

InterContinental Shimao Hotel is a Former Giant Mine in Shanghai

Structure carved from a giant mine in Songjiang, near Shanghai. Designers have excluded the area about 30 miles from the city of Shanghai, in an abandoned quarry at the foot of Mount Tianmashan.

To stay here, guests will be charged about $ 300 per night. Shimao InterContinental Hotels will begin operations in the year 2015. as we know, InterContinental Hotel and resorts is a hotel and resorts group which is have several luxury hotel and resorts in several World Big City. Marine Drive Mumbai, Huizhao resort, and Aphrodite Hill's Resort Hotel is several hotel which have a connection group with Intercontinental Hotels.

This is not a Cheap Hotel but if we see in the facility, the hotel will  serve luxury, and adventure in the same times. we'll wait for this hotel launch and see, well worth the wait presence with all its uniqueness.

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