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Five Exotic Beaches in West Sumbawa

Are You beach lover and longs to set foot in the smooth sand? If it's so, come to the West Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. Since long day ago, West Sumbawa is known for its beautiful beaches with soft sand.

The Location is restricted at Alas Strait - which separates the island of Lombok Sumbawa Island - West Sumbawa be made attractive tourist destination. The distance was not far from Lombok and Bali.

West Sumbawa an alternative journey at east Bali

Well, if you are planning a vacation to the West Sumbawa, be sure not to miss a number of this following beaches:

1. Lawar Beach West Sumbawa

Lawar Beach West Sumbawa

This beach is a paradise for surfing lover. The beach is flanked by two stone niches are known to have the roar of the waves are quite extreme.

But for those of you who do not like sports challenge, towering rocks on either side of the beach could be a interesting spot to take pictures. Lawar beach is also suitable for you who like photography because of the sunset at this place is perfect with violet reflections dusk when the weather was pretty friendly.

Lawar beaches are on the west coast of  West Sumbawa. The road to the beach is quite steep and challenging. However, tired on the trip paid off with exotic views of the coast.

2. Rantung Beach West Sumbawa

Rantung Beach West Sumbawa

Rantung beach became the target of foreign tourists to romp in the high and challenging waves. Rantung also known as one of the best places to surf in the world and was featured in an online website streets of the United States.

The beach is also a few times into a world championship surfing level. No wonder more foreign travelers who visited here in comparison to the domestic tourist. Roll waves reaching two meters above the beach make this known to the foreign countries of West Sumbawa.

3. West Sumbawa Maluk beach

West Sumbawa Maluk beach

Do not tell me you've come to the West Sumbawa if not coming to this one beach. The beach is located in the village Maluk, known for its beautiful panorama and a paradise for photography lovers.

Location not far from the bustle of the village Maluk, also known as the 'pepper' sand  subtle sparkle with color when exposed to the sun. The waves were quite friendly fit for you who like to swim, snorkel or paddle a canoe. For food lovers, do not miss the famous fried beef jerky tasty at this beach.

4. Ai'K Kangkung Beach West Sumbawa

Ai'K Kangkung Beach

Located in a remote village called Ai'k Watercress, not many people know about the existence of this beaches. The beach was clean and the sand was very soft. Try disconnecting your footwear and feel how soft the sand on this beach. Soon this will become a popular beach since the construction of a resort.

5. West Sumbawa Kertasari beach

West Sumbawa Kertasari beach

Located in the Kertasari Village, Taliwang District , West Sumbawa, this one has a beach panorama with a very unique combination of towering rocks on the right and left and a small uninhabited island in the middle of the beach. Kertasari beach is also known as seaweed farming spot for locals. Tosca blue ocean water is getting ahead of the sunset reveal its beauty.

Transportation to West Sumbawa is not difficult. You just go to Lombok to get there. In addition, with many domestic and foreign tourists who come, now transport access to West Sumbawa increasingly prevalent so you have plenty of options to the favorite beach.

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