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Asia Region Fun Vacation

Summer soon, did you have any fun vacation plans? If not, consider the option of fresh destinations to indulge. Welcome the beauty of the ocean or urban modernity. Bali for example. This Island is still a star for holiday affairs and for your fun vacation.

Compelling reasons to visit: the atmosphere is full of culture, culinary distinctiveness, sunbathing on the beach, relaxing, comfortable lodging, yoga, beautiful beaches and a million options.

Or if you have a long time, wandering in the Asian region may also be tried. Here are some recommendations for your fun vacation:

Maldives Fun Vacation

Maldives Fun Vacation

Located in the Indian Ocean, neighboring India and Srilanka, Maldives famous with the clear blue of sea water. This place even frequented by Hollywood celebrities and high-ranking government officials from all directions.

Small islands in Maldives is presenting resort and hotel with personal service. It seems this place is also suitable for honeymoon or only just fun vacation. You can easily feel the fresh air in the morning while opening the eyes. Enjoy the white sand and walk a bit to pamper feet with a splash of sea water, or stay dive to see the underwater beauty.

Singapore Fun Vacation

Singapore Fun Vacation

Summer holiday synonymous with the beach and the sea? Not really. You could come to Singapore to simply enjoy the culinary and have fun vacation in the city. If you want to satisfy your shopping appetite , Singapore also had the Great Singapore Sale. An annual event held every May 31 to July 28, 2013.

Thailand Fun Vacation

Thailand Fun Vacation

Still want to enjoy the beach, you can also visit to Phuket, Thailand. In addition to Phang Nga Bay is known as a beautiful beach surrounded by spectacular hills, there are also Phi Phi Island is known for its crystal clear sea and white sand and clean. Thailand is one favourite place for fun vacation in asia.

In reports, Thailand also presents a series of historical tours. Such as Wat Chalong Temple and Phuket Temple. Or Old Phuket Town is an area of ​​old Phuket Thailand offers the atmosphere of the past, complete with the culinary.

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