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Another Free Technology Pleasure Place

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After we post Five Paradise without Technology, on the article before, now we give you another five pleasure place without technology that can give you another experience while on vacation.

A study reveals, send or receive electronic mail may increase the pressure or stress. This condition is often felt by the workers packed with a myriad of agendas. Even the phone ringing was sometimes irked.

When these conditions experienced routinely, one thing that is desirable were vacation. Have fun uninterrupted with work scheduled. As reported by CNN, the following Another Technology Pleasure Place you can go to relieve work fatigue :

1. Casa de las Olas, Tulum, Mexico

Anti technology does not mean not having electricity supply. This location is perfect for honeymooners or for the rehabilitation of gadget addicts. Before entering this area, the guests must pass the inspection of free communication tools are also other electronic devices. This is done to create an environment friendly atmosphere.

In this place there is no television or air-conditioning. However, there is limited wifi outside Casa de las Olas area. In this place, you will get a private beach facilities. Not only that, you can also explore the caves and the second largest beautiful coral reef  in the world.

2. Kenauk Fairmont, Le Chetau Montebello, Quebec

Kenauk Fairmont, Le Chetau Montebello, Quebec

This place is perfect for those who want to enjoy the beautiful natural setting. Fairmont Kenauk do not have power like other tourist sites, there are only two-way radio that can function in an emergency.

But you can still enjoy a cold drink from the fridge and a shower of water pumps. This is because the solar panels are used as electric power. Not only that, you can also fishing, air-canoeing, or hiking.

3. Amankora, King of Bhutan

Amankora, King of Bhutan

When you set foot in this place, you only hearing for the sound of birds and cattle. I was so lonely, you can not hear the other person. Bhutan is a secluded cottage in the valley of the Himalayas spread.

Although there was no internet and television service, you can still enjoy the spa or choose to see the Buddhist spiritual activities in this place. Because Bhutan has many ancient monastery with monks who were meditating.

4. Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia

Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia

This is an isolated desert, because to reach this place takes a few hours by a chartered aircraft. Resting place is unique because there is no access to technologies, such as internet or television. However, there is little back-up generator for the freezer.

5. Jade Mountain, St Lucia

Jade Mountain, St Lucia

This is an exclusive resort that has a philosophy: harmony with nature. In contrast to the resort in general, this place deliberately designed without walls. So, you can enjoy the view without obstructions.

This place is definitely free technology, no telephone, internet, and even television. But you have a private pool, and a waitress who is ready to help meet your needs.

that's it for now, so which place is very suit with your need for your free technology vacation? as long as you cozy with your choice, we wish you the best.

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