Cozy Tomamu Resort Cloud Country Unkai Terrace Hokkaido Japan

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There are always alluring scenery every spring to September in Tomamu Resort, the island of Hokkaido in Japan. From the highest peaks resort, visitors can enjoy the magical atmosphere of a stretch white blanket of clouds and blue ocean below the island.

Unkai Terrace or the sea of ​​clouds are interesting phenomena that only appear in a short time during the summer. Temperature difference for a few hours during the night turn invites many tourists go there.

Before the gondola system enforced, few tourists can witness the spectacular views. Reasons, tourists have to climb the mountain since before dawn to reach the unique atmosphere in the morning when the weather is sunny.

Unkai Terrace

Now, as quoted from, access to views 'state in the cloud' is increasingly easy. Having spend their money U.S. $ 20 , since 4:00 pm to 8:30 am, gondola will transport tourist to  the Unkai terrace to see the beautiful views from the top . At the top, visitors can relax while tasting hot drinks or soup on the Unkai terrace.

But this view of the cloud blanket not always there. If you're not lucky and the weather in the morning is cloudy, the whole scenery will swallow thick fog. At this location is not only the ocean but also cloud natural hot spring baths and trekking on the slopes of the meandering.

Romantic View in Unkai Terrace Cable Car

Cozy Tomamu Resort Cloud Country Unkai Terrace Hokkaido Japan

when the gondola system or cable car take the passengers up to the unkai terrace, we can enjoy a beautiful view of Tomamu Resort. If we go up ahead in the right time, we can see the sunset or sunrise with a clear sight and that is a romantic view to enjoy with your beloved one.

Do you know, we can enjoy a beautiful romantic view in the Cable car not only in Tomamu Resort. Several country make the cable car as their tourist attraction and it works. you can read another country that have a cable car in this page "Enjoying Cable Car Beautiful View for Romantic atmosphere" and perhaps one of it is being a part of your country then you can enjoying Romantic view on the Cable car such as in Tomamu Resort.

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