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The Most Clear Freshwater Lake in the World

The Most Clear Freshwater Lake in the World | Nelson Lake | New Zealand

Nature, the most great thing that God send to us. The Nature give us not only material, but also beautiful landscape as a heaven and nature phenomenon that make us curious and amaze.

Another natural phenomenon that invites impressed. Smaller freshwater lake, named Blue Lake. This lake is located in the Nelson Lakes National Park, north of the Southern Alps, New Zealand.

the water as clean as crystal, you can even saw your reflection until you're there. Blue Lake was based rock can be penetrated even by the naked eye. Blue-green water reflects the sun glare. Providing impressive flash effects.

Nelson National Park Blue Lake is the most limpid lake in worldwide

This lake is also referred to as the most limpid lake in worldwide. In examining the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) 2011, found that the lake has extreme visual clarity to 80 meters and is considered as "optically clear".

Reported by Amusing Planet, Visibility Blue Lake or even beyond the blue lake Te Waikoropupu Springs in Golden Bay that have visibility of 63 meters.

A hidrologist NIWA in Nelson, Rob Merrilees first be aware of the unique phenomenon of this lake. Together with a water optical NIWA, Dr Rob Davies-Colley and researcher Mark Gall they do scientific studies.

Performed during the study period, the whole produce astonishing fact. That the horizontal visibility at this lake reaches 80 meters. This far exceeds the horizontal visibility lake that usually ranges between 70 meters.

Nelson Lakes National Park is situated in the north of New Zealand's South Island. The gateway to the park is St Arnaud. In a pristine New Zealand national park, the Blue Lake – also known as Rotomairewhenua.

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