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Blue Lagoon

Enjoy This Seven Natural Cozy Pool

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Enjoy the beauty of nature is not only exploring the woods or climbing a mountain alone . You can also taste it in other ways . Relax in the cozy pool like a clear water pool . Reported by Huffingtonpost , following the best natural swimming cozy pool which is worth a try :

Natural Cozy pool Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Iceland, natural cozy pool

Located in Grindavik region , this has a clear pond water temperature 37-39 degrees Celsius heat derived from the earth . This Cozy Pool water is also believed to have mineral deposits that have health effects . So it was natural that a lot of visitors who come to this place to do the spa . The management of this resort was always sending water samples to the lab every two weeks to study its contents .

Devil 's Cozy Pool , Zambia

For those of you who like water activities that adrenaline , try swimming in natural rock pools . The cozy pool is exactly on the lips of Victoria Falls waterfall with a height of 300 feet .

Enchanted River , cozy pool at Philippines

Enchanted River , cozy pool at Philippines

Blue river water , cool , clear , and fresh may be quite inviting tourists to " drown " yourself throughout the day . Yes , the river is more like a giant aquarium with many species of fish that can be seen with the naked eye .

Kuang Si Waterfall , Laos

kuang si waterfalls laos

Natural swimming Cozy Pool is located in Luang Prabang , Laos . Kuang Si waterfall has three levels , starting from the top of a steep hill up to the shallow pond . In most shallow pools visitors usually indulge themselves with a swim while enjoying natural charm .

Las Grietas, Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

Las Grietas, Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

Las Grietas is one seawater Cozy pool that sits between two cliffs , which is divided by the earthquake . To go there , tourists are advised to use protective foot because the terrain is sandy and rocky .

Pamukkale Thermal Pools , Turkey

Pamukkale Thermal Pools , Turkey

Pamukkale is called because it 's like cotton castle pools with pool clean white color . This Cozy Pool is a warm water bath that was formed thousands of years ago . flows any water coming from springs containing calcium salts and carbon dioxide .

To Sua Ocean Trench , Samoa

To Sua Ocean Trench , Samoa

By the Samoan community , this pool is referred to as rare paradise . To Sua means big hole . This hole has now transformed into a cozy swimming pool with stairs along the 30 -meter pool was built as access to this cozy pool.

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