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Wow, This tree hotel room is invisible

The Tree hotel Room was camouflage with the wood

Mirrorcube Tree hotel Room Interior

To find this hotel room is required sharp eyesight. Not only because it is located on the top of a tree, but its unique design makes the room can make a number of people fooled.

As reported by the Telegraph website, the owner of this Tree hotel rooms are designed the room with mirrors and glass that covers the outside. As a result, the tree hotel rooms called Mirrorcube it looks camouflaged with views of the surrounding forest.

Mirrorcube Tree hotel Room Interior

Tham was the architect who designed the building and Videgard measuring 4 x 4 x 4 meters. The cube-shaped room tree hotel was built at a height of 4-6 meters and can only be accessed via bridges, ropes, and ladders.

Every change of seasons, the scenery was reflected changing room wall. In winter, for example, the walls of the rooms reflect the views of the surrounding snow.

Mirrorcube Tree hotel Room Interior

Meanwhile, the interior rooms were made as comfortable as possible for hotel guests. Rooms are equipped with a large bed, bathroom, sitting room, to the terrace.

During the Tree hotel known to have a series of unique rooms. Hotel is located in Harads, northern Sweden makes the room with the bird nest shape up to UFO plane.

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