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The Place You Must visit When you at Ubud Bali

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Discover Balinese Culture at Ubud

Bali is not always about the beach and ocean. The "Island of God" also have another natural attractions that are not less interesting. As an example a rice field with irrigation system in Ubud Bali called subak or charming panorama of Mount Batur.

Well talk about Ubud Bali, there's one area that can not be denied  very popular among foreign tourists. In fact, Ubud even have been used as a location for Eat, Pray, Love movie scene.

Not long ago, Ubud also entered the list of top ten Friendly cities in the world according to the results of a survey conducted by world travel magazine, Conde Nast Traveler. So what are the tourist destinations that can be visited in Ubud? Here's the list as quoted from page Gianyartourism.

Petulu village Ubud Bali

In the village Petulu, Ubud Bali, yo
u can find a white stork habitat for thousands of birds with long necks. The species live in trees along the village Petulu.

In the morning, thousands of cranes are flying out of the village and in the afternoon back to their habitat. The village is located five kilometers to the north of Ubud Kalpataru trophy has been awarded by the government for its success in preserving the habitat of storks.

Puri Paintings Museum 

Museum which was founded in the mid-1950s this store row best collection of paintings from various schools of art in Bali. If you visit this museum, you will know that changes the flow of Balinese painting from traditional to modern style first appeared in Ubud Bali. The Ubud bali painters pioneered the use of the tools of modern painting and began painting the object of which is the daily life of the Balinese.


Located in Teges, this large museum also holds a collection of traditional paintings such as works of I Gusti Nyoman Lempad and modern paintings as works of Affandi

Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA)

Compared to the two previous museum, a museum that is still fairly new. Here you can find artworks have sendra Agung Rai and enjoy traditional dances are staged in the museum complex every day.

Vanara Wana Parks : Monkey Forest Ubud Bali

Located about 26 kilometers from Denpasar, there is a small forest habitat of hundreds of monkeys Bali became quite tame. In addition to seeing the monkeys habitat, the tourists who visit this place can also see the Pura Dalem Agung and Pura Holy Assist and Nista Mandala. In this place there is also a village cemetery where cremation ceremonies are often held which can be witnessed by the visitors.

Neka Museum

Founded by Suteja Neka, an art collector Bali, in 1975, this museum houses a diverse collection of art. Here you can learn about the development of Balinese painting. Many foreign tourists to the museum for shop painting because there are many paintings that are for sale.

Antonio Blanco Museum

The museum is owned by maestro painter who was popular in the world from Spain, Antonio Blanco. He also was the one who founded this museum. Once gone, the museum is run by the son of Antonio who is also a painter Mario Blanco.

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