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Chuuk Lagoon, World War Undrewater Museum

Diving in Chuuk Lagoon World War Underwater Museum

Diving in Chuuk Lagoon World War Underwater Museum

Chuuk Lagoon is the world of silent. Seclusion in the depths of the South Pacific ocean, but most lethal record commotion on this earth; Second World War. The six-year war, from 1939 to 1945, involving so many countries. The largest and widest war throughout history. According to Wikipedia, this fight involves 100 million people.

Death toll at about 50 to 70 million. Japan's involvement in the war, started since December 1941, when the country joined forces to attack American and European territories in the Pacific Ocean.

And Japan had triumphed in the ocean. But two years later, 1944, the U.S. air force attacking their ships there. For two days, the Japanese soldiers who had been mighty head over heels. At least 60 warships and 200 aircraft sank to the bottom of Chuuk Lagoon. The ocean floor on The Chuuk Lagoon is like a museum of greed, as well as human barbarity. Bones of Japanese soldiers scattered among the wreckage of war.

Chuuk Lagoon as Travel Destination

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on This day, the second world war rubble relics hunted by a lot of people. Traded for cash or deposited into memories. Many are curious about the "hell" at the bottom of the sea at The Chuuk Lagoon. They come there. That's why the local authorities started to open up the region for travelers. Please take a dive and debris in there.

The Lagoon is better known as Truk Lagoon (to be Chuuk Lagoon is because of the miss spell of the name) had become underwater museum almost 25 years old. Various warship turned into a work of art of nature, where ships are covered with a variety of coral reefs make it beautiful to look at.

Wrecks, aircraft, tanks, and cars were scattered at the base of the story presents the fierce attack American bases to Japan. Not only shipwrecks and aircraft, in this tourist site you will also find the remains of soldiers who were killed in war.

Interestingly, reported by the Daily Mail, in addition to the vehicle and a weapon of war, in the bottom of the Chuuk lagoon are also many beautiful platters spread made from porcelain. These plates are plates that are often thought to be used by high-ranking Japanese soldiers to enjoy the food.

Interested in to diving there?

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