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Feel The Sensation living above the Rivers at 4 Rivers Floating Lodge

4 Rivers Floating Lodge Cambodia

Koh Andet Island, Tatai Village, Koh Kong 09253, Cambodia
4 Rivers Floating Lodge
In Asia, Cambodia tour is not as popular as other countries. But in recent years, the tourism industry in this country began to squirm.

A number of hotels built to attract foreign tourists, one of it is 4 Rivers Floating Lodge. 4 Rivers Floating lodge is very unique hotel, because the hotel is floating above the Cambodia river. Yes we can relax in the floating hotel room while enjoying night in the rainforest of southeast asia.

4 rivers floating lodge Carrying the concept of tents, luxury hotels, which floats on the Tatai river. Tent placed over the buffer and leaning on a river float.

The neighborhood around the hotel known as yet untouched by humans. The hotel is also only accessible by water or by boat.

the Hotel is constructed from environmentally friendly materials that provide panoramic views over the forest. Visitors can hear the birds singing from the woods or trekking into the rainforest which is located not far from the hotel.

Although located in a remote location, the hotel offers luxurious amenities like a four-star boutique resort. Each villa is equipped with a tent or high quality furniture, flat screen television, Wi-Fi, and up to mini bar.

Activity at 4 Rivers Floating Lodge

as 4 Rivers Floating Lodge make a Rivers as their main place, so the activity at this place will not far away from a river. you can make an adventure with Kayak, Fishing, and visiting a beautiful waterfall at the area. You also can visit a local rice farm and harvesting some fruit direct from the tree but it's depend in which season you visit the 4 rivers floating lodge.

Now you know that when you visiting Cambodia, you have another reason to fell the adventures in the Cambodia rivers. you can Feel The Sensation living above the Rivers at 4 Rivers Floating Lodge and make some little adventures there with your family, or maybe you are a new brides? this is the great place for your honey moon.

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