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Enjoying Relaxation in 6 Luxury India Hotels

India. This is a country where travelers can find religious tourism combined with nature. With this uniqueness is not surprising that India is becoming a world famous tourist destination. They flocked to the Land of Gangga River just to pamper the mind , body, and soul. A number of Luxury India Hotels also offers a quiet and peaceful in the middle of nature panorama. Suitable for tourists in need of relaxation in the middle of dense activity.

1 . Shakti 360 ° Leti Resort

Leti Resort is a one of Luxury India Hotels. It is located at the foot of the Himalayas, with a straight face to the highest mountain in the world. Leti Resort consists of four luxury inn and built with glass walls overlooking a cliff. Each cottage comes with outdoor space so that tourists can relax while staring at the beauty of the Himalayas.

2 . The Blackbuck Lodge

Spending time outdoors is a thrill. Not only in the mountains or the beach , this time created a sense of peace in a remote river in Velavadar National Park, Gujarat. Along the river, there are 14 pieces luxury India Hotels was built, but still maintain the rural atmosphere. Deer running around the outskirts of the river is an amazing sight in the inn. No wonder The Blackbuck Lodge became one of the favorite places for relaxation.

3 . The Piggery

Enjoying the beauty of the beach is still a favorite of many possible activities. Playing with sand and waves create a peaceful atmosphere of its own. This atmosphere can be found in the region of Goa, India . There are lodging The Piggery environmentally friendly and beautifully designed. Exit the lodge in the late afternoon and watch the beautiful sunset here.

4 . SwaSwara

SwaSwara promising cool air, which is generated by a cordon of green forest. Located in Gokana, like painting very special panorama of nature . Consists of lush hills and beautiful beaches, SwaSwara also equipped with a relaxing massage and a stunning swimming pool.

5 . The Baradari Palace
The Baradari Palace

Holy impression looked at this hotel building . That's because The Baradari Palace painted white and built like a magnificent royal palace . Located in Punjab, The Baradari Palace building style combining Mughal palaces and temples in India , so the shades religion was brought. This beautiful Luxury India Hotels is also often used for filming a Bollywood movie . If you had the opportunity to stay , choose a spacious suite with a spectacular view , which is a lovely manicured gardens .

6 . Mihir Garh

Overnight in the desert is now not just a dream. The fantasy can be realized by Mihir Garh, royal style luxury india hotels in the Thar Desert. The hotel only has nine luxurious suites designed , filled with antique furniture and elegant , as well as private pools. If you want to walk through the desert, you can hire a horse while enjoying the sunset.

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