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Five Paradise without Technology

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Five Paradise in the world

Sometimes we feel bored with the job every day. do the work in front of a computer or stuck in a traffic on the road seemed to be a routine of our lives. we deserve a holiday to overcome the boredom. like a vacation to the area without "technology" is the best alternative to regain motivation to work. following we give five paradise without the technology that could be used as a place to take off weariness of urban life.

1. Andbeyond Mnemba Island, Zanzibar

This is the first paradise for five paradise. The island, located off the coast of Zanzibar is a technology-free paradise. You will spend the night at the house of straw. There are only ancient entertainment, a small stack of books like a library, and enjoy the beautiful white sand and blue sea with a snorkel, you even can swim with the dolphins.

2. Travaasa Hana, Maui

Free internet does not mean boring. This Cozy Resort offers hula dance practice or simply learn the ukulele. Yes, Four Seasons Hotel is located hidden in Hawaii Area. A series of green hills, palm trees, a spacious veranda, and a luxurious swimming pool, will bring you to tranquility. this make Travaasa Hana, Maui as one of five paradise in the world.

3. Greyfield Inn, Cumberland Island, Georgia

This is one of the old location that was built during the 19th century. These attractions impose quotas so that not all visitors can relax here. This is done to maintain the beauty and authenticity of the hotel with a population of horses, deer, pigs, turkeys, and birds. No wonder that in the end, Cumberland Island not so heed the advancement of technology.

4. Arkaba Station, Australia

From Adelaide you will travel for four to five hours to Arkaba Station. Historically, this place is a sheep farm that has incredible view of landscape. Then transformed into an elegant inn with  serving many activities. Ranging from climbing up to meet wildlife. Yes, it is definitely in this place there is no internet connection and telephone, so prepare yourself to life like in the old time.

5. Turtle Island Resort, Fiji

Located in the south Pacific, Turtle Island Resort is a paradise island for those who want a quiet atmosphere with no touch of  technologies. 100 percent of the energy generated in this island comes from solar thermal energy. To be known, the location is just a capacity for 14 couples at a time. If you want to stay at this place you have to be willing to stand in line. Turtle Island Resort also offer you a beautiful white sand.

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